HT-769 is a 4G GPS watch (sportline) which can support 4G...

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HT-790-1 is 4G kids gps watch which can support 4G network to offer better communicaiton...

HT-774 Kids GPS Watch is developed and designed for children aged 3-12...

HT-770 Kids GPS Watch is developed and designed for children aged 3-12...

CASTEL,founded in 1997,offers the turn-key solution for global family IOT service with its unique hardware of kids gps watch,elderly gps watch,pet gps tracker and car gps tracker & Mobile APP & Strong and Safe backend system.

22 years experience in GPS/Wireless Telecommunication

130 countries product coverage

1st Member  Co-founder of China GPS Association

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OBD gps tracker is an intelligent on-board diagnostic device compatible with passenger and commercial vehicles, it features plug-and-play technology, could read diagnostic info from vehicle ECU and capture location data, then send them to backend server for real-time remote diagnostic and tracking purpose.

Kids GPS Watch 

Globally,numbers of lost children are Staggering each year,however Numbers of reunited ones are very limited.

We offer kids gps watch which can locate the kids in real-time and can also make phone call to the kids as phone, chat and monitor the kids anytime you want.


As statistic shows, there are 10 million pets getting lost every year, merely 95% of them can be found, we work on the up-to-date IOT technologies to connecting each pet with their owner by our pet gps tracker which can locate the pet in real-time and set a safe-zone for the pet,etc.